Our Services


Tax excellence to enhance efficiency and corporate projection

We offer comprehensive tax advisory designed to enhance the tax and corporate efficiency of our clients. We focus on generating a positive impact on your business relationships and ensuring predictability in the projection of your business.

As experts in tax advisory, we are committed to maximizing the results for those who choose us. We adopt a multidisciplinary and coordinated approach to provide precise solutions tailored to your needs.

Our commitment to professional excellence, personalized service, and confidentiality allows us to build strong and lasting relationships with our clients. As strategic allies, we drive the growth of your businesses, enhance your competitive advantages, and turn your strategies into reality.

We are inspired by a new philosophy of tax practice: providing services in a transparent and coordinated manner with experience as our differentiator. Our promptness to carry out tasks allows us to provide expert advice immediately.

We strategically design teams in charge of each project, ensuring that our clients always receive advice from the best professionals in the market.

Our services include

Local and international consulting.

Tax planning at the national and/or international level.

Optimization of tax structures.

Corporate reorganization.

Calculation and/or review of federal and/or provincial taxes.

We guarantee the highest standards of quality and professionalism in tax matters.

Transfer Pricing

We optimize the international tax strategy

We assist organizations in planning, complying with, and defending your transfer pricing obligations. We focus on ensuring that transactions between related entities comply with local regulations and OECD guidelines to ensure compliance with the arm's length principle.

We offer practical and efficient solutions that allow our clients to optimize their intercompany pricing structure. Through our advice, analysis, and monitoring, we support them in setting and validating transfer pricing policies and implementing business schemes that are consistent with the risks assumed and functions performed by the taxpayer. We aim to anticipate queries from the relevant tax authority by proposing proactively courses of action that minimize their exposure.

With a specialized staff in the field, we work collaboratively with the International Tax team to find solutions that achieve the right balance between tax optimization and contingency minimization. We do it with a strategic approach to understand your specific goals and needs.

We offer a high-quality and secure service for companies within the challenging framework of changes in local and international tax regulations. We anticipate business challenges and propose value-added solutions. With a global perspective on transfer pricing, we go beyond local borders, considering the entire economic group to which the client belongs.

Our services include


Assistance throughout the documentation process for the market condition of intercompany transactions (Local File).

Assistance in preparing the Master File report.

Forms related to the CbC Report.

Assistance in preparing the Country-by-Country (CbC) Report.

Assistance in complying with the Supplementary International Operations Regime (RICOI).

Preparing the various tax returns to be filed with tax authorities.

Informative forms that supplement the local report.


Assistance in both the audit and inspection process, as well as in any potential claims by tax authorities.

We ensure regulatory compliance and optimization
of your international tax strategy.

For Regional / Global Projects

Leadership and coordination

Regional and global assistance to Multinational Groups in preparing and planning your transfer pricing. We have the appropriate networking to carry out regional and global projects.


Assistance in planning and/or restructuring new and/or existing intercompany operations.

Designing transfer pricing policies that comply with the commands of BEPS actions, adequately remunerating each party involved according to the functions performed, risks assumed, and assets employed.


Legal certainty for business decision-making

We offer comprehensive advice that provides legal certainty in business decision-making, with the highest fiscal and corporate efficiency. We consider the political, economic, and legal context of Argentina, as well as changes and market demands, to anticipate and help those who choose us overcome difficulties and achieve the best positioning.

The commitment we assume allows us to provide a top-notch legal service, effective and efficient, with legally sustainable business alternatives. We offer a personalized and high-quality service based on ongoing interaction and teamwork.

We take into account the interests of our clients. We support and accompany local and international companies from the beginning, development, and evolution of their business and industrial activities.

Our staff is composed of professionals with outstanding experience and dedication in the areas of tax, administrative, corporate, contractual law, and highly complex judicial litigation. Thus, we strategically organize the team in charge of each project, ensuring that we are always advised by the best professionals in the market.

Our in-depth understanding of what we do and the industries we work with allows us to provide a combination of expertise, agility, and excellence that helps our clients go further each time.

Our services include

Implementation and administration of efficient corporate structures to comply with applicable regulations.

Advisory on contractual structures for predictability in commercial relationships.

Support in managing administrative and judicial processes in tax matters at the federal, provincial, and municipal levels.

We provide specialized and strategic advisory services that ensure efficiency and sustainability for business growth and development.