Our Services


A comprehensive solution for efficient payroll management

We offer a comprehensive solution for payroll management, allowing companies to outsource payroll process, entrusting it to specialists who guarantee results.

With our team of professionals with extensive experience in the field, including accountants and HR experts, we efficiently manage the payrolls of our clients, avoiding errors, ensuring legal compliance, and freeing up internal resources.

We ensure time and resource savings, regulatory compliance, error reduction, data confidentiality, specialized support, useful reports, payroll management optimization, and remote access to information.

We provide immediate responses to inquiries, personalized service, organization, and teamwork, all with a team of professionals who undergo constant training to deliver excellent, updated, and tailored service to meet the changing labor market needs.

Our services include

Payroll processing and payroll taxes.

Income tax withholding calculation.

Confidential payroll processing.

Payroll reports.

Personnel management.

Preparing and filing of trade union vouchers.

Management of Digital Files.

Digital payroll book report.

We ensure the maximization of
processes and resources
for efficient payroll management.

Labor & Pension Consulting

Comprehensive planning for optimizing business labor relations

We provide labor and social security advice on matters related to corporate obligations to employees and government agencies. We work closely with our clients, offering comprehensive planning that addresses internal policies, optimization of state benefits, and personnel relocation planning, either to or from abroad, seeking to leverage international agreements and avoid future contingencies.

Our purpose is to provide a global vision that allows them to enhance processes, control costs, and anticipate any possible issues.

We offer excellent results and increased predictability in the face of constant regulatory changes and typical regulatory challenges. We design employee well-being policies in a safe and efficient framework.

Our team consists of lawyers and accountants with over 20 years of experience advising companies of all types and sizes, as well as individuals. This extensive experience ensures personalized and high-quality service that meets the specific needs of each client.

Our services include

Advisory on planning labor, migration, and social security issues tailored to the needs of the company.

Handling AFIP (Argentine Federal Public Revenue Agency) audits, Ministry of Labor, statutory healthcare organizations, and trade unions in both administrative and judicial stages.

Assessment of the labor and social security treatment provided and the possible implications in the matter.

Implementation of control for subcontracting companies. Payroll processing for subcontracting companies, drafting contracts, and payment retention.

Immigration advisory, obtaining visas, work permits (local processing or at the Argentine consulate abroad).

Due diligence review of payroll and outsourced personnel.

Consulting, advice, and review services in the field of payroll salary settlements, including compliance with trade union obligations.

Handling labor claims in both administrative and judicial venues.

Review of compliance with labor and social security requirements when contracting subcontracting companies. Assessment of implemented controls, determination of possible contingencies, and grading based on the likelihood of their occurrence.

Review and analysis of hiring individuals who may pose a risk to the company. Determination of potential labor and social security contingencies related to this type of hiring.

Processing of social security exemptions for temporary relocations – administrative and/or judicial appeal if required.

Due diligence or reviews of payroll matters at IT companies - Knowledge Economy Law.

Internal reviews related to compliance with social security obligations and labor requirements.

Benefits – analyzing benefits granted to staff.

Retirement Plans | Management of recognition of seniority but not credited in ANSES (Argentine Social Security Administration) | Retirement Processing.

Reviews of the immigration status of foreign personnel – compliance review and eventual determination of contingencies.

We guarantee a service of excellence that evolves with the demands of the current labor market.