Our Services

Actuarial Consulting

Modeling the future with precision

We provide essential services for companies seeking accurate estimates of future contingent events. We focus on modeling future scenarios, especially in the world of insurance, where uncertainty is the norm, but also for pension funds and other complex financial environments.

Our team of actuaries has extensive experience in various countries and regulations, utilizing advanced technologies to deliver the highest quality service.

We deeply engage with our clients, becoming an integral part of their teams. We are committed to providing certainty, resolving challenges, and complying with established standards and deadlines.

Our services include

Actuarial report for financial statements under local regulations.

Calculation of liability cash flows, including the use of key actuarial tools available in the market.

In charge of the actuarial function within the governance framework of insurance entities.

Design, testing and pricing of new products.

Preparing technical notices.

Implementing IFRS.

Actuarial certifications.

We provide trust,
precision, and dedication
for your financial success.